Pre-K to High School Photography Services

If you are a school administrator, a decision-maker or PTO representative who would like to consider Gemini Photo Events’ photography fundraising services for your school, you have come to the right place. Gemini Photo Events produces portraits of students that show their best expression.  We take the time and attention to detail required to make school photo days a great experience for students, staff, teachers and administration.

Fundraising opportunities

Fall Photos: Individual Portraits and Group Photos with many background options to choose from including green screen
Spring Photos: Indoors or outdoors, individual and group photos are casual and colorful
Senior Portraits: Cap & Gown, formal or casual showing your best expression
Preschool Photos: Friendly staff qualified to work with young children and get a giggle out of them
Group Photos Composites, Panoramic, prints and plaques
Events Sports action, player and team photos, dances, band, concerts, Proms, Graduation
Yearbooks Durable hard cover, easy photo uploading, color-correction

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We proudly sponsor many well run school events and fund-raisers.

  • Offering you portraits of quality, not just snapshots.
  • Attractive backdrops
  • Professional studio lighting
  • Large selection of products, from prints to calendars and Memory Mates.
  •  Fun and efficient portrait day
  • Classroom photos for Pre-School and K-12
  • In-school or outdoors
  • Flexible options
  • Fundraiser for schools, sports and  PTOs
  • Senior Photos – Your senior portrait is the image your friends and loved ones will keep close to their hearts for years to come. We will work with you to create a memorable portrait that presents you in the way you want. Whether at school, in studio, or on-site at your favorite hangout, Gemini Photo will be there to capture the real you.
  • Graduation – Proms and graduation parties
  • Family Portrait Days as a fundraiser for schools and organizations

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