CL- The Classic Sports Package


CL- The Classic Sports Package CL-

This Classic Package is a great bang for your buck. It includes a Designer Memory mate, a magnet and some prints to share with grand-parents, to decorate your house or for the office.

Great Savings of

Package Items:
1 Designer Memory Mate with a player and team photo, league colors and logo and player stats
1 3.5x5 in individual Magnet
1 8x10 in individual print
2 5x7 in individual prints

4 individual wallet prints

$39 In stock
Add-ons 1 MOUSEPAD (15) CL3- 7X9 MEM. MATE PLAQUE (22) CL2- 9x12 MEM. MATE PLAQUE (28) CL1- 8X10 MEM. MATE PLAQUE (25) DVD WITH PLAYER IMAGE (25) 2 magnets M4 (12) AP8 8 Wallet prints (10) 8 TRADER CARDS (14) P2 - TWO 5X7 PRINTS (10) TC 8 trader cards (14)
Athlete's Name
Team Name
League Town
Jersey No.
Height (Ft)
Height (In)
Weight (lbs)
Position Played